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It is necessary to publish the content very quickly on the website and the users need to access it from anywhere and quickly. That is all possible thanks to the reliable tool of Edee CMS and the responsive design of the website.

Interconnection to External Applications

Thanks to the last facelift of the web from 2015, users have a perfect overview of the success of the club, all events and matches in the calendar and a simple access to the actual events in the life of the club at social networks. Newly, they will also get to purchase tickets or to bet on the results of matches in a simpler way.  

Linking to social networks

The football club has very good communication with fans in social networks and the web can further continue to support and present it. Therefore, the main page automatically publishes information from all channels, which Sparta uses. That is also why the main page of the website is constantly alive.

Our achievements

  • 120On average, 120,000 users per month  
  • 300On average, 300,000 visits per month
  • 1On average, one million page views per month

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