Bernard Family Brewery


The website was created in 2010 under the participation of creatives from both companies. The objective was to create a website, which would be able to tell the story of Bernard beer.

Edee CMS

The website operates on the Edee CMS publication system, thanks to which the client is able to administer its content easily and efficiently. A part of the administration is linked to the internal data sources of the brewery.


In 2013 the website was expanded by an e-shop, where customers can order both advertised items and the complete assortment of bottled beer, including gift packages.

E-shop administration

The e-shop administration is solved by the combination of editing in the Edee CMS system and the import of data from internal brewery sources. The e-shop specifics also include the algorithms for the calculation of packaging deposits or purchase options depending on the type of goods in the basket.

Our achievements

  • First place in the Zlatý středník 2011 contest for the authenticity
  • First place in the WebTop100 2011 contest in the Food and Gastronomy section
  • Special award called “User Hit” in the WebTop100 2011 contest

What does the client say about us?

“The tendering procedure for the agency selection was the most difficult. The subsequent cooperation with FG Forrest has already been about synergies and the consequent cooperation. We are happy about the result and believe it will support the cult following around the BERNARD brand.”

Mgr. Zdeněk Mikulášek
PR Manager, Bernard Family Brewery


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