Building Society of Česká spořitelna


The website contains a number of on-line forms and a calculator with the aim of making the user’s path to saving for a home or personal loan easier. We also test calculators and forms on a regular basis using the A/B testing.


Our objective is maximum conversion. Therefore, we rely on facts from regular web evaluation in terms of visitor rate. We monitor heatmaps or scrollmaps, i.e. where people click and scroll using the tool  Monkey Tracker developed by us.

Simple, fast content administration

The website is based on the Edee CMS editorial system, which enables the client efficient content updating.

Our achievements

  • 86% increase in the number of users who filled in a contract on-line
  • 47% increase in the number of users who sent their contact details

Your project can also become a long-term success!

  • Komerční banka
  • Stavební spořitelna České spořitelny
  • McDonalds
  • Skupina ČEZ
  • Rodinný pivovar Bernad
  • Hnutí ANO
  • Your project

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