DOXX – meal vouchers

Application Development

The customer area and the ordering system are the on-line tools designed for ordering paper, but also electronic meal vouchers. On-line account management for publishers, employers, their employees and restaurants.

Card reader in restaurants

We participated not only in the development of the web application, but we also programmed an NFC card reader that can capture customer information directly in restaurants in the Slovak Republic and also provide an overview of the collected bonuses and other data.

The Bonus Programme

Custom-tailored applications allow users – the dealers – to set their own company discount program. In the program, there are also NFC readers, in which the dealers  can count discounts and bonuses earned for their customers.


The entire portal infrastructure is running in the clustered design with a front-end load balancer. It not only fulfils one of the security features, but also spreads the load across multiple servers in order to prevent data loss, their misuse or the unavailability of the system.  

Our achievements

    • Highly secure solution that works with money
    • The infrastructure and architecture solutions are designed for the processing of thousands of transactions per minute
    • Even a standard user of a small business may have a robust solution rented, in which it can intuitively prepare a bonus action appropriate to their needs in a few minutes

What does the client say about us?

“Thank you and your colleagues for your professional approach and correctness throughout the entire period of cooperation with your company. We're delighted that the site enjoys great interest from the operators, mainly restaurants and hotels. We enter into new and new contracts and we hope that people will soon appreciate the advantages of the Ok bonus portal.”

Ing. Pavol Jandzík
Director of the company DOXX – meal vouchers

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