Fraus Publishing House

Clearly legible structure

Fraus Publishing House already operated more than ten websites and e-shops. Our main goal was to create a logically linked system based on these websites, which would help a user to orientate themselves quickly and to intuitively understand the functions of individual elements.

Unified registration and logic of shopping

The unified registration of the user for all websites is an important part of the new structure of the websites. The consequent login then has the identical form on all websites. Also, the shopping process in various Fraus e-shops is managed by the identical logic.

Linking of user and product data

In addition to the central user registration, the restructuring resulted in the introduction of the central product catalogue, the web integration with the information system of the company and the implementation of analytic tools for the collection of user data.

Convincing results

Thanks to adjustments made, users are able to get to the information and products they search for quicker. It is reflected in the positive brand perception as well as in sales results.

Our achievements

  • 8The technical administration and cooperation in the development of 8 web-presentations
  • The preparation of the unique educational Fred portal
  • Storage for thousands of educational objects
  • Optimizing process of processing and sending newsletters

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