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What can we be proud of?

For the company Nutricia, we have created a website whose content may be created by mothers and fathers themselves with their advice and tips for others. Thanks to that, Hami acquires its own brand ambassadors who spread awareness about its products and philosophy.

Sharing information quickly and easily

On the new website, parents can share their joys and sorrows with others in the form of simple contributions, view entries according to the stage of pregnancy or age of a child, receive maternity guides by e-mail and much more.

Search System

The website utilizes technically advanced labelling system that lets you search using the entered terms and combinations of any topic across all the sections, articles and posts. The technical difficulty mainly lies in the combination of a number of specified parameters and conditions for the search results.

Our achievements

  • Simple form for insertion of articles and recipes provided by users themselves
  • Fast and sophisticated search in articles
  • Collecting of points for the activity of users, who can also become ambassadors

Your project can also become a long-term success!

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