Komerční banka

Cooperated in 2001–2018


Since 2001 the Komerční banka portal has been redesigned several times and has been completed with new elements on a regular basis. In 2012, the KB website won the WebTop100 contest in the Banking category. The current website version is on the Responsive Web Design principle adapted to show on all key display devices.

Useful application on the portal

The portal offers a number of applications to its users, such as:

  • Calculators for mortgage or credit calculation
  • On-line applications for selected banking products
  • Searching for branches and ATMs integrated into the internal data sources of the bank
  • Exchange rates integrated to the internal bank systems
  • Extracts of transparent accounts of clients with the integration of the data sources of the bank
  • Form solutions connected to internal bank services

Technologies and data integration

For data synchronizing we use sophisticated procedures complying with high security and error free transfer demands. Procedures and processes are audited according to strict bank security rules.

Testing and analytics

We test and evaluate the KB portal on a regular basis in terms of its security, visitor rate, user procedures and the consistency of contents and links. We prepare the evaluation of the rate of success of assigned objectives.


Thanks to our permanent team we are able to respond to the bank’s requirements within several minutes. Our service desk handles up to several dozen requests for the adjustment to the bank’s websites on a daily basis.

Case study

Feedback is important for us. Therefore, we maintain a clear overview of the results of our work. See for yourself at the case study of Komerční banka.

Our achievements

  • 15 years of the successful cooperation, excellent relationships with the client and on-going extending common activities
  • over 1.75 million visitors and almost 3.5 millions viewed pages every month
  • First place in the WebTop100 contest in 2006 and 2012
    Second place in the Banking, Insurance and Finance category of the IEA15 contest

What does the client say about us?

"We regard Forrest as a reliable partner, who in the course of the more than 15-year cooperation has always been trying to meet our requirements and always tried to satisfy our often very specific requirements in the fields of the web solution implementation, subsequent support, procedures and of course security.“

Ing. David Šmahel
Manager of Marketing Communication, Komerční banka, a.s.

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