McDonald’s – intranet

What can we be proud of?

On the basis of an available graphical backing, a normal user (restaurant) generates a PDF in print form and with their own texts in corporate design.

Simplification of communication

The Intranet replaces the existing e-mail and phone communication in the process of entering, editing, approval and production of print materials for McDonald’s restaurants. The tripartite communication among more than a hundred restaurants, McDonald’s and the agency is solved by a workflow and notification system.

Saving of capacity and costs

Thanks to the integrated editor of print documents directly to the intranet, any user may modify available materials by himself/herself (stickers, posters, billboards, indicators, …) and create print materials to be sent directly to the printer. We thus saved a lot of time not only in the process of the preparation of materials, but also the capacity of DTP department of the agency and the funds of the client.

Acceleration of the approval process

Greater graphic interventions in press materials are dealt with in the entry form, which includes the approval and implementation of workflow integrated into the Edee CMS content management system.

Our achievements

  • More effectiveness in the process of the preparation of printed materials – cost savings
  • Facilitation of communication and an on-line overview of the order status for all professional users

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