Prague City Tourism

New design

The tourist portal of Prague underwent several major adjustments in 2014. We expanded it with a number of new functions. Thanks to the complete interlinking of data sources we offer users the content related to what they at a given moment look at. Therefore, the portal offers them much more of Prague than ever before in a significantly broader context. The website helps and inspires both foreign tourists and Prague residents alike.

Administration of buildings and events

The portal contains a high amount of information on monuments, accommodation, restaurants and events. We have transferred the administration and updating of a major part of this content directly over to representatives and owners of these buildings.  Simple front-end editing is possible thanks to the Edee CMS editing system.

Our achievements

  • 67 % of visitors come from abroad
  • The website is fully responsive as tourists often search for information on their mobile devices.
  • Data to the calendar of events are downloaded from several sources. Thanks to the high number of events and their intuitive searching, the website is also visited by a high number of inhabitants from Prague 

What does the client say about us?

"The major benefit of the new website consists in its simple graphic design; you can move across the website much more easily now. We place emphasis on the attractive visual content and information provided in a lively style on what is worth seeing in Prague. We want to attract and inspire visitors and make them visit our capital city."

Petr Soukup
Head of ICT Pražská informační služba – Prague City Tourism.

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