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We work very closely with our clients to develop tailor-made websites and e-shops. Our team takes ownership of the project all stages of development from idea to roll out, ensuring customer satisfaction. We consult, conceptualize, plan, sketch, program, and code each software solution in house. We incorporate responsive design that allows maximum visibility and usability, regardless of electronic device or operating system (mobile phones, tablets, computers). We comprehensively test our products, fully support their launch, provide second-to-none service, evaluate their performance and continually improve them. We deliver long-term, high-tech solutions that help streamline your communication channels, increase your traffic and increase your profits. Let us help you create e-business tools designed to build your future.

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What we do


Your e-shop needs to reach new and current customers. It needs to be profitable. It needs to be easy to use. It needs to work flawlessly, and it needs to reduce operating and service expenses. Our e-shops do just that. We work with you to find a solution for your business, design it, program it and test it. Afterwards, we provide you with Edee Shop (CMS), a powerful content management system that will make the administration and maintenance of your Internet shop a pleasure.


An intranet should be a lively channel for your employees and provide a social media platform that becomes an organic part of your business environment. It becomes a tool to help distribute internal communications while simultaneously working to establish community. And that’s exactly the kind of intranets we make at FG Forrest. We design and produce the stage for your company. The content is up to you.


Bespoke websites are our specialty. We have been creating high-end websites for over twenty years and no matter what your needs, we can deliver. Company presentations, blogs, micro sites an education portals are just a few examples of past projects. We guarantee a modern website that meets your individual needs and has an original yet functional design, consistent with all devices from desktop computers to smart phones.


Collecting, understanding and interpreting data are critical tools for the success of any business. We use state-of-the-art data collection tools that provide us the insight necessary to create highly successful websites and marketing campaigns. We provide you with both analysis of the data and the analytical tools necessary to take control of your own data research.

Analytic tools we use include:

On-line Marketing

A website is the first step, but how can you ensure it is well visited by potential customers? How can you influence their behavior, the frequency of their visits and then convert them to paying customers? How can you be sure that you are profiting from your investment? We can work with you to create on-line marketing campaigns specifically designed to help you exceed your key performance indicators.

Administration and Operation

We build some extraordinarily complex and demanding websites that deal with large volumes of data and elaborate functionality. Even in such cases, we guarantee faultless operation. You don’t need to worry about lost visitors or missed orders. We solve client requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no exceptions. Each change always goes through extensive testing, so when it is implemented, we know it will work perfectly. Maximum attention is given to the security of all our solutions to ensure your data is safe. Our work is far from over when we launch the web.

Content Management System

Edee CMS is our own proprietary software that launched 2003. Since that time, we have consistently developed, upgraded and improved the software to ensure you have the most up-to-date tools at your disposal. Over the years, our content management system has become incredibly powerful, intuitive and user-friendly. CMS designed to simplify your experience.


Statistically, e-mail campaigns have the greatest long-term success. In order to collect and understand the consistently changing open rates, click through rates and conversion rates demand, you need tools which allows you to administer e-mail campaigns easily, target it exactly and evaluate it correctly. 

E-mail tools we use include:

Other Products

At Forrest, we are continuously working on new products that we add to our portfolio. For example, we designed and built our proprietary analytic tool, Monkey Tracker, to record and visualize the behavior of visitors using click maps.

How we work

Would you like to know how we work or whether our style would match your own? Let’s use a simple the relatively simple example of a conversion button to illustrate. Before your customer clicks on the button, we…

1. Map the Terrain

We start every project with a proper analysis of the market, the client and the client’s customer base. We will want to know everything about your business: customer needs, habits, behavior, interests, conventions, etc. Based on that knowledge, we select an appropriate text for the button, e.g., “Order”, “Register” or “Send an Inquiry”.

2. Design the Look

Afterwards, we continue by designing all the components of the web, including the conversion button. By the way, this example has special significance. If there is something the user shouldn’t miss on the website, it is this button. That’s why we deal with the color, size, shape and location of the button to ensure as many users as possible click on it.

3. Program the Web

When we approve the design, the most demanding phase of the whole process arrives. The website must be programmed, thoroughly tested, and usually other changes as the idea continues to develop. In order to accomplish these tasks, we employ the latest technologies and tap the experience of the best developers. Programming a conversion button isn’t really the challenge; it is just one small example of a much larger and more complicated process.

4. Test Functionality

When everything is ready, a final test is done. We verify that the new element or website will work on all browsers and devices. We select and test sample users and conditions that simulate how real users will react to the web. When the testing shows that the conversion button is displayed incorrectly in some browser, we are able to make corrections before the launch.

5. Supervise the Operation

When the website goes live, our work is not done. It is just the beginning. We constantly work to ensure your website is safe and functioning perfectly. If necessary, we can take action within several minutes to correct any issue, and our service team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even a conversion button with a CTR of 20 % would serve no purpose if the payment gateway stops working. Therefore, we are always available to help keep things running smoothly.

6. Measures and Improve

Once the website is on-line, we constantly monitor and research its performance. In this case, we would observe how users use the button, whether they click on it or next to it, what percentage of users click on it, etc. Based on that information, we plan other changes, partial functions and components. Our primary tools for this research include: Monkey Tracker, Google Analytics and others.

Do you want to see how it all looks on specific projects? Go through our references.


We rely on

In-house Development

The foundation of our success comes from our strong development team who created our flagship proprietary content management system, Edee CMS. This platform provides us the freedom, stability and space to develop new ideas and concepts that stem from our employees or clients. Our internal team also uses automated penetration and stress tests to help ensure that websites created by our company are safe and secure.


We are used to administering extensive projects with multiple websites connected to other systems (CRM, ERP, DMS). We are able to easily create and reliably administer whole families of interconnected websites. You can be sure that very few companies have that ability.

High Quality Content

A website without content is like a song without a melody or a detective story without a plot. It doesn’t work. When creating websites, we don’t think like IT specialists. We think more holistically, connecting the whole process to activities like copywriting, SEO, content strategy, e-mail marketing, etc. Our goal is to find the balance where form and the content come together in harmony.

Technical Support

Round-the-clock technical support and administration of our servers with a common guarantee of 99.9% availability is a matter of course for us. We have built such a reputation in this area that our customers ask us to consultant and coordinate their own extensive projects.


It wouldn’t be possible without them. Each Forrest is original and is a source of specific experience that is poured into one great reservoir of Forrest know-how. Behind every project, you find a lot of life stories, lessons, victories and, of course, failures. We continue to learn, grow, and improve everyday. That experience, motivation, and drive is poured into every new project.

20 Years of Experience

From a company started in the town of Hronov in a garage where we produced multimedia CDs, to a well-established internet agency with over 70 employees in Prague, Náchod and Hradec Králové. That is our true success.

How It Used to Be.

Your project can also become a long-term success!

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